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I like Noah’s work a lot. 


John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats joins Fresh Air to talk about his new novel, Wolf in White Van, his dark adolescence, and the best part of his job: 

"I hang out and sign records for an hour or two hours every night and I like to hear as many people’s stories as I can, because if somebody wants to share their story with me, I want to honor that. … But if you’re hearing a bunch of [stories], it gets very intense. It’s a lot.

I feel a duty. … I really think there’s a lot of music you can use to heal and save yourself. It’s not like I have some magic power and I reached inside somebody and said, “Oh, you didn’t know this about yourself until I wrote this song.” That’s not true. What I did is I made a thing, and somebody who needed to find something found mine and chose to meet me out on that ground.

It’s this area of communication that is unique to music, I think. That’s a choice that the listener makes to share that part of themselves with the artist who hopefully shared part of himself. … It’s very intense to have those sorts of conversations, have people sharing stuff that may be a secret, but I try to be worthy of it. It’s an honor. I’ve worked a lot of jobs — this is the best one.”

I love john. He needs to be protected. Can we get him some of that MacArthur money? So he can just be and not worry about stuff?

Bathroom ceiling project. First photo is before.


Nattan in Brooklyn. 

The very word street has a rough, dirty magic to it, summoning up the low, the common, the erotic, the dangerous, the revolutionary. A man of the streets is only a populist, but a woman of the streets is, like a streetwalker, a seller of her sexuality. Street kids are urchins, beggars, and runaways, and the new term street person describes those who have no other home. Street-smart means someone wise in the ways of the city and well able to survive in it, while “to the streets” is the classic cry of urban revolution, for the streets are where people become the public and where their power resides. The street means life in the heady currents of the urban river in which everyone and everything can mingle. It is exactly this social mobility, this lack of compartments and distinctions, that gives the street its danger and its magic, the danger and magic of water in which everything runs together.
Rebecca Solnit, “Wanderlust.” (via photographsonthebrain)



walking into the wrong class




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I was put up for a promotion. In fact, the gears were turning. They took only my application. I was told to measure the drapes, as they say. Then they cancelled the position.

I am Michael Bluth in the AD pilot.


Right, I’ve decided to do this Go Sober for October because I drink an awful lot.

All money raised for it goes to Macmillan, a charity to support those with cancer, so it’s for a good cause.
If you have a spare couple of dollars/pounds could you please donate here to support me

You can also sign up here.

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Yeah that’s working for me.